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     Welcome to Insane Media:

Lots of people think the name is pretty wild.  And most people say, "That is a very cool name or; funny name." But the name draws a lot of attention. And in business that's important.

In business everybody needs to have a edge and keep up with the times. And that is what we do.
And we don't mind sharing marketing secrets with our customers, because when our customers
are doing good, we get more business for the fact that what we do increases our customers bottom line.

We design, web design, market and print for your company. Yes, all in one place. We sell service, One call we come at your convenients. In person. Now that's service.

To get our marketing specialist to stop by your place of business, and discuss what you have and what you want to do to increase your profits. Give us a ring.

Things we do in marketing:
A. We list your site in the top 10 search engines and over 500 plus blogs.
B. Marketing over the phone, or by mail.
Introduce your products by giving out coupons....
C. Banner advertising - By city or state.
D. Radio and Newsprint.

There are many ways to push your products. We take each client, one at a time and analyze your strengths and your weakness to deterne the best marketing plan that fits your budget.

Thanks, For your time.
Ray Gibbs III, Owner


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We are located in Brenham, Texas 77833  at 1600 West Main Street
We are by appointment only.- We do service many areas.

Service Areas: Houston, Texas - Bryan and College Station, Texas - Austin, Texas.